martedì 17 settembre 2019

LONE WOLF # 15 - The Darke Crusade and LONE WOLF #16 - The Legacy of Vashna

Hi guys,

it's time for a double gift: the covers I did for Lupo Solitario Deluxe Edition are ready to be revealed...Enjoy!

Lupo Solitario 15 - La Crociata di Darke ( Lone Wolf™ 15 - The Darke Crusade )

Lupo Solitario 16 - Il Retaggio di Vashna ( Lone Wolf™ 15 - The Legacy of Vashna )

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martedì 5 marzo 2019

LONE WOLF #14 - The Captives of Kaag

Let's come back to the regular series with the brand new cover for Lone Wolf #14, the Captives of Kaag.
This will be released during the convention at Modena - Modena Play, in April 2019.

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LONE WOLF#30 - Dead in The Deep

 ... Drum roll for the new book of the Lone Wolf's series, the first one after the death of the beloved Joe Dever.
His son, Ben, along with long-time friend and collaborator Vincent Lazzari, finally completed the thirtieth chapter of the saga.
The book has been officilay launched at Lucca's 2018 and met all the expectations.

And here's the cover art:

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LONE WOLF# 13 - Plague Lords of Ruel

Hey, it's been long time since I posted here and a lot of things have occurred.

I hope to make up for the time lost, posting all the new stuff done so far.

Let's start with the cover I did for Lone Wolf # 13, released in November 2018 at Lucca Show.

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