giovedì 24 febbraio 2011

A tribute to Captain America.

This guy doesn't need presentation.
He's tough, he's a symbol, one of the most known and celebrated among Marvel heroes.
Since the movie is coming out, this is just a tribute to him and to Marvel as well.
Please welcome, Steve Rogers!!!

martedì 22 febbraio 2011

Jason Dark Post Scriptum

I made some mistakes on the previous post.
The series is called Jason Dark (not Jason strange, as I wrote in the topic) and the publisher is Stone Arch Books, LLC.
My apologies!

lunedì 21 febbraio 2011

Jason Strange Series

Hi there,

these are a couple of covers I did for Jason Dark's series. It's about
books telling scary and suspenful stories for kids, whose characters are mostly vampires, werevolves, zombies and so on.
It's pretty... Dark, isn't it? ;)