domenica 17 ottobre 2010

Book Covers

© Adriano Salani Editore. All rights reserved

These are two covers I did for italian publishers.
They love static characters, not dynamic ones, but with a very intense
look on their face.
©Edizioni Ambiente-Verdenero
©Reverdito Editore

Personal illustrations.

So, this is some stuff I was working on during my sparetime, trying to move into a free direction and following my inspiration. I've always loved weird and creepy characters. The idea of the "girl" with a hat on her head was born as allegory of anorexia: then it turned into a character with deformed anatomy wich could suggest something sick.
©Alberto Dal Lago

Paizo Publishing™, LLC

I currently work for Paizo and this collaboration started on 2009.
This was my very first chance to break into the international RGP market.
These are some samples of the artwork I drew for Paizo.
© Paizo Publishing, LLC

venerdì 15 ottobre 2010

Lone Wolf™ #11, #12

I've been working on Lone Wolf™Extended Version's covers for Mongoose Publishing™ for three years.
Everybody should know Lone Wolf™ series: launched in the 80's and created by Joe Dever quickly became one of the most famous gamebook.
The original series was revised and updated with additional storylines, adventures and new artwork: you can see a couple of covers I did for the Extended Version, above.

Paths of Doom#3: The Time Curse

Here we are, this is my first post on my first blog: hello everybody!
I'm bit excited.

This is was my first international collaboration as freelance cover artist and it was for Margaret Weis Production, Ltd™ about 5/6 years ago.

What better way to celebrate it than post it on this blog as first image?